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Mass Migration Nightmare Squats Coming to a Town Near You

Mass Migration Nightmare: ‘Refugee’ Squats Coming to a Town Near You!
Since the last massive migrant waves in 2015 and the creation of the so-called migrant ‘hotspots’ all over Greece which are just processing reception centres for mass migration towards the EU we had an incident regarding a hotel called ‘City Plaza’ in central Athens.
The owner of City Plaza a lady called Aliki Papaxelas who had appeared in the media defending and supporting migrants and Syriza alleges one night NGO’s took it over and started using it as a base to house migrants. The hotel wasn’t being used when this occurred but it was still in her name and the occupation occurred without her permission. At the time there were many rumours that hotels would be requisitioned and if they were empty and didn’t provide accommodation to migrants then the state would penalise the hotel owners.
Everybody knows to a little or greater extent the Greek state. It’s not famous in paying its commitments on time and when it comes to migrants two may turn up for a room but behind them could be another 10, as subletting is all the rage. There have been countless of cases of apartments being rented and then mattresses appearing to cover all floors and tens of people to be living in one three bedroom flat.

Athens City Plaza ‘Refugee’ Squat

The hotel City Plaza became an international status symbol of ‘refugee squats’ ie migrant displacement and economic warfare inaugurated by global corporations. It appeared all over the worlds media and was presented as a lively modern version of what migration should look like. Any buildings that are derelict on not functioning should be taken over. City Plaza was closed in 2010 and the owner after having supported Syriza suddenly started to criticize the occupation of her hotel.

The Greek state in the era of the economic Memorandums (IMF-EU economic genocide against the Greek people) started to charge all owners of property an ENFIA ‘haratsi’ (tax) whether in use or not. By 2016 Aliki Papahela alleges she had debts of 135.000 Euros which had accumulated for all the properties she owned the majority of which would have been from the closed hotel. Now according to reports the Greek government received near Euro 1 billion for the mass migrant waves. The NGO’s which are too many and too varied also receive tonnes of money. The issue here is that once the migrants are processed then money can be claimed from the NGO’s the UN and the Greek government for provisional accommodation. The Guardian obviously inverts reality alleging that “Squats like City Plaza accomplish their work without a cent of government or NGO funding. In contrast, despite the $803m euros that since 2015 have flowed to the Greek government and NGOs to help them deal with the refugee crisis, refugees froze to death in camps last winter” by implying despite tonnes of money swishing around City Plaza has been taken over by destitute refugees all on their own without NGO help or government backing.”[1]
So the City Plaza is a real squat independent of the owner Aliki Papahela or in agreement with her? What is the actual purpose of this ‘squat’ in central Athens? The Guardian is once more illuminating:
“Perhaps the squats’ real crime is breaking this barrier, and bringing refugees from the urban periphery to its heart. City Plaza is just one prominent member of a network of squats, festivals, social centers, bars, solidarity kitchens and community assemblies that form the multi-ethnic, politically radical fabric of several Athens neighborhoods.”
So is this its real purpose? In your face migration at will wherever we want to whenever we want to and a parallel propaganda blitz by the owner that the hotel has been taken over and nothing can be done. So far so good as the story goes but is there something else behind it all?
Aliki Papahelas has gone on record to state that an agreement was made with the UN Refugee Agency to rent the hotel to them and for her to collect money. “I would like to thank the crooks and criminals in the government the biggest scumbag functionaries who intervened just after an agreement had been reached with the Ipati Armostia for the renting of my hotel to refugees. If it had been rented I would not now have lost my ancestral home and would not now be facing eviction to end up on the street or in gaol” [2]

Aliki then goes on to name names of various individuals who profit from the migrant flows as they have been in business for decades now tapping money from various sources. First of all is the illustrious Mr Giannopoulos from Diktio (Liason Group for Political and Social Rights) who was a defence witness in the pseudo terrorist trials of ‘17th November’ and in particular the infamous Koufontina. [3] Second is Lafazinis (currently leader of a breakaway from Syriza called LAE ex-Minister of Development in the First Syriza government) daughter Olga Lafazani. Thirdly the political formation Antarsya which encompasses a motley crew of the globalist fake far left.

There are technically no squatting rights in Greece and there never have been so it’s a tall order to believe that Aliki Papahela is being billed for ENFIA and all her properties are up for repossessions whilst she cannot evict the illegal squatters. Mr Giannopoulos has been close to Syriza since time immemorial.[4] He has been promoted on their media platforms like Left Gr. Why would Giannopoulos all of a sudden with Syriza in power, illegally aid a squat when the government in all its pronouncements and in all its practice since coming to power has shown that it supports sustained illegal mass migration and bends over backwards to accommodate all newcomers to the detriment of its own electoral base? Why would Lafazani via his daughter want to be exposed as supporting an illegal occupation? Something doesn’t quite fit.

Is this a case of the owner Aliki Papahelas actually being instructed to go against the occupation of City Plaza? Why is this being stated? Almost a decade before in the centre of Athens there was another squat but this time it looked real and it had no media attention nor was it a darling of the global pro-migrant propaganda movement. It was in a derelict building housed tens of thousands of migrants and was a living hellhole. There was rubbish and excrement piled everywhere, needles and women sold themselves either outside or a few meters from the central police station a block away from Omonia Sq.
According to this Athens Mayor as reported in Kathimerini 3,000 migrants are squatting in empty hotels in Central Athens. [5] The owners of these myriad of properties who don’t actually get any media attention or profile or interviews like Aliki Papahela are told to pay for electricity, water and tax as the NGO’s turn on all the facilities without their knowledge but as their name is registered as owners they are liable! Within the Athens council Petros Konstantinou of KEERFA fame (main anti-racist lobby group in Greece) alleges all the fund raising Antarsya has done is to pay the previous employees of City Plaza hotel who are owed back wages. Aliki Papahela responded her hotel was rented out and they aren’t her costs as well and that she was also owed back rent.

Housing Refugees Ministry says the Banner on the Occupied Building
Via social media campaigns, solidarity groups the open border brigades circulate tonnes of propaganda throughout Athens. If anyone nearby complains or states anything that jeopardises these squats they are immediately labelled ‘fascists’ or ‘racists’ so as to silence them and ensure nothing is questioned. One also sees these constant demands for resources from the Greek population but hardly any passion for destitute Greeks in the same situation.

Hotel Oniro occupied in Lesvos, Greece

Picture of leaflet on Facebook advertising a list of needs of the above occupied hotel in Lesvos
From a refugee activist website it states the following:
“The City Plaza building had been empty from 2010 to 2016, when activists occupied the building and repurposed it as a building with living spaces, healthcare, education and dining for migrants and refugees.
Over 1,500 people migrants and refugees have lived in City Plaza, many of them using the building as a temporary home while they find other accommodation in Greece or another European country.
However, City Plaza owner Aliki Papahela filed appeals for its evacuation that resulted in the court decision.” [6]
So after going to court and getting an eviction still no eviction occurs as we are now in 2018.

Another occupation in Notaras St Athens
They write the following on their website..
“Those who manage to enter Fortress Europe come face to face with states who profit from the migrant-refugee flow and the emergence of cheap labour, paying no interest to human life and dignity. They are confronted with xenophobia and racism, institutional or not.

In this suffocating context, we are squatting an empty public building in Athens, 26 Notara Str., in order to territorialize our solidarity towards refugees/immigrants to cover their immediate needs (shelter, food, medical help). This project doesn’t stand for philanthropy, state or private, but rather for a self-organized solidarity project, wherein locals and refugees-immigrants decide together. The decisive body is the squat’s open assembly where everyone is welcome to participate with no exclusions.” [7]

Thousands of properties have been left derelict due to the economic crash in Greece and now they are being taken over with or without the owners consent.
Activists state that there are around 4,000 empty buildings in Athens that could be used as temporary homes for refugees.
After they managed to stabilise the situation they will aim for apartments. Syriza will repossess homes as conditions for the loans in their tens of thousands. So even if you went bankrupt and couldn’t pay your bills they will add more to ensure you lose everything and you become an internal refugee in your own country, just like what happened to the Serbs who overnight became citizens of foreign ‘nations’ (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia).
Mass migration sold as a refugee movement aims to displace the populations of the EU and clever NGO marketing alongside absolute promotion by the corporate media seals the deal. It’s just that as with everything that is localised and most don’t pay attention to what is happening when it hits their area people always wake up and smell the coffee. The latest mass migration nightmare is just unfolding….

4. Nikos Giannopoulos on Left Gr Syriza site in 2013
7. When a Coffee Break Turns into a Modern Greek Nightmare...

When a Coffee Break Turns into a Modern Greek Nightmare...
Having stopped off briefly for a coffee break near Dafni Metro station to catch up with some work emails a crowd developed at the entrance for some unknown reason. It was clear the station had closed but no one initially knew why. What happened next is a microcosm of a society in terminal decline.

Suddenly police ambulance and fire crews arrived and the crowd in front had to make way and it was stated someone had fallen on the tracks. No one initially knew the cause or the age of the victim. After more than thirty minutes a mobile stretcher arrived on wheels and it was positioned eerily at the entrance. It epitomised what happened next. They brought a black body bag fully wrapped and wheeled it away.

It was then revealed it was a 75 year old Greek who had jumped in front of a train. The mythology that Greece has ‘turned the corner’ ‘development is back’ ‘unemployment has been reduced from 27% to 19%’ are words that don’t relate to the human dramas unfolding infront of everyones eyes. The massive expansion of part time work the destruction of full time work and wages that could end up as low as Euro 250 a month one can understand how easily figures are manipulated.
Quite a few Athenians the majority of which arrived from the villages in the 1950’s and 1960s built their houses from cash without the necessity of mortgages or loans from the banking system. When the Great Crash of 2010 arrived the IMF imposed property taxes. Many families had an ancestral home in a village and possibly one in four had built small holiday homes that were never properly legalised as they were built in designated ‘forest’ or non-planning areas. The irony of this is that one cannot then sell a property of such nature but the government does tax it!

With the collapse in pension payment by at least 50% which hasn’t been reversed but continued under Syriza a retired pensioner could end up owning 2-3 property taxes and go up on the scale of tax bands as he is considered ‘wealthy’. Thus added all together the reduction in fixed income could be as high as 70% and without the capacity of reducing overheads or transferring it to ones children’s (who have their own problems) many seek the option of suicide.

It is alleged more than 10,000 have committed suicide since the onset of the crisis but many aren’t registered as such as it brings shame on the family and the figure could be much closer to 30,000. The most infamous case being that of the pensioner Christos Soulas who hanged himself in 2012 publically in Sindagma Square. Added with all the robberies of pensioners inside their homes or on the streets this economic war against the third generation has as an aim to destroy Greek families and break the nation apart. Social justice has been erased from the lexicon of the modern mass media and the parties that govern. It’s all forecasts and targets with made up figures. Not long ago a government Minister Loverdos stated that the problem with Greek pensions ‘is that Greek pensioners live too long’. Taken literally one understands how a short coffee break turns into a modern Greek nightmare...

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The Greek 'Deep State' Paramilitary Murders and Fake Terrorism

An analysis of the Cold War state and how it used murder to advance its politics. Since the ending of the Cold War hybrid forms of war have continued against the Greek population from fake terrorism, to financial terrorism, to labour displacement, spying, burning, flooding and chemical spraying to wholescale destabilisation by the CIA and its appendages.

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The Balkans: The 1920s debate in the Comintern and the KKE on the Balkan Question Part Two

Part Two The 1920s debate in the Comintern and the KKE on the Balkan Question

The slogan for a United and Independent Macedonia (and a united and Independent Thrace) entered the Balkans under Stalin. It was pushed by the Bulgarian Communist Party and became Comintern policy. It was the central slogan for the Balkan Communist Parties in the 1920’s.
The slogan originated among Slavo-Macedonians in Pirin (south-west of Bulgaria) and was taken up by Alexandrov, Panitsas and Protogerov, who were separatist leaders in the region. It was seized upon by the Bulgarian capitalist government, which saw it as a means of extending its borders southwards to the Aegean.

In 1923, Protegerov and Alexandrov allied themselves with Tsangov, the Bulgarian leader. But Tsangov imprisoned and murdered thousands of communists and refused to implement the demands of Protegerov and Alexandrov for a United and Independent Macedonia. This is where Stalin entered the picture allying himself with Protogerov and Alexandrov and making the slogan Comintern policy for the Balkans. It was an early example of the Cominterns attempt to build alliances with the peasantry, etc. after the defeat of the workers in Germany – attest case for China.

Stalin made an alliance with Radic in Cratia as well as with the ‘Komitsadides’ the committee set up by Panitsas and Protogerov. It was an attempt to bring the Slavo-Macedonians, among others under the influence of the Comintern rarther than anyone else.

For us the national question isn’t a geographical question, it is one of distinct peoples with a distinct culture, language, etc. It’s impossible to accept that a ‘Macedonian’ nationality which is composed of Greeks, Jews, Pomaks, Vlachs and Albanians – but a united Macedonian nationality just doesn’t exist. Neither is there any Thracian nationality – some people in Thrace are of Mulism descent.

Almost immediately after I entered the labour movement in 1921, the question of a United and Independent Macedonia became a central issue (aroun 1923-24). Initially, the Greek communists were opposed to the slogan, but when representatives of the KKE went to the Fifth Congress of the Comintern in 1924 (the Comintern was now led by Zinoviev) the party changed its views and supported the Troikas position). The three delegates – Pouliopoulos, Maximos, and Mangos – went to the Congress with a position against the slogan and came back supporting it. The third emergency congress of the KKE then took place and accepted the slogan. This was the so-called ‘Bolshevisation’ of the KKE in reality it was the beginning of the partys Stalinisation. Pouliopoulos who had gone to Russia after 1921 and spoken to Trotsky and was in awe of his role in the civil war, was deliberately made to give the main report at the Conference. Meanwhile Kordatos and Apostiliades were expelled for differences on this issue. The Archeiomarxists of which I was a leading member, were also expelled in 1924 – for allying themselves with Trotsky.

What actually happened was that although there were differences over the slogan, the leadership imposed it on the party. Then the ruling class locked up every member of the KKE on the grounds that they were seeking the break up of the Greek state.
If Greek Macedonia had to become independent that would mean the KKE had to be divided into two. If the three Macedonias had to be united, the Bulgarias, Serbian and Greek Communist Parties first had to split into six parties then the three in Macedonia had to fuse. In other words what is happening now Stalinism proposed back in 1924.

After Greece lost the 1921 war with Turkey, there were population transfers in Greek Macedonia. About 10,000 Slavo-Macedonians living there went to Bulgaria and there was a huge influx of Greek refugees from Constantinople and elsewhere in Turkey. In all some one and half million refugees came to Greece following a pogrom in Turkey, 700, 000 of whom stayed in Greek Macedonia whilst the rest settled in Athens. A large and militant refugee movement was set up. In Athens, it demanded housing, food, etc. The KKE was not resepcted among the refugees because implicit in its slogan for a united and Independent Macedonia and a United and Independent Thrace were new population transfers. The KKE secretary KOrdatos (who was allied with Souvarine and Trotsky in this period) wrote that if you continue this, you will turn the refugees into fascists. In western Greek Macedonia, in two districts – Florina and Edessa – there were communities of Slavo Macedonians.

When the Archeiomarxist Vitsoris went to see Trotsky in Prinkipo, Trotsky was using a reference for the discussion his period in the region writing about the Balkan wars. But in 1912-14, the area had been much more mixed. Trotsky was using as a reference for the discussions his period in the region writing about the Balkan wars. But in 1912-14 the area had been much more mixed. Trotsky didn’t accept Vitsoris argument – he said something is brewing, there is a national issue. I think there was an issue in Edessa and Florina, which the Archeiomarxists ignored, but not where Trotsky thought there was one. Later the Arcehiomarxists accepted that there was a SlavoMacedonian issue in the ‘triad’ –Serbian Macedonia, Bulgarian Macedonia and Edessa and Florina –but they were opposed to the inclusion of the whole of Greek Macedonia. (Its important to note that at the Fifth Congress of the Comintern the Serbian CP delegates had not voted for the slogan)

In the 1930’s, the Greek ruling class opposed Macedonian independence because of the territory it would lose. Today the slogan of Macedonian independence is being put forward by imperialism as part of its plan for a New World Order. Gligorov President of Macedonia wants an exit to the south. As Mitsotakis (ND) is in the pocket of the US his position on Macedonia is contradictory (as it is on Thrace, which is claimed by Turkey). Its possible that the Greek ruling class would accept the loss of some territory in exchange for the southern part of Albania which has a majority of Greek speakers. The leaders of the 400k Greek speaking Albanians have indicated that they will organise a plebiscite demanding unity with Greece. My opinion is that these referendums can be manipulated by nationalist demagogues.

In the north of Yugoslavia the dominant influence is Germany, in the south, the US. The overall aim of imperialism is to smash Serbia. We are entering a dark period of imperialist conspiracies in the Balkans.

Lukas Karliaftis

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Eyewitness Account: Macedonia is Greek Rally Athens 4th February 2018

Eyewtiness Account Macedonia is Greek Rally Athens 4th February 2018
I was there with the Fascists!!!

It was 11 oc clock in the morning Sunday 4th February and I started to make my way to the rally for Macedonia which was occurring in Sindagma. I will not hide friends that somewhere inside me all these stories about Greek flags with Alexandra the Great and ancient Greek attire had frightened me, I was carrying some guilt inside me in case I ended up getting mixed up with fascist nationalists and mad paganistic 12 god believers and when I come home my father disowns me.

For so many years my father has been on the left and his son is running to rallies for Macedonia with Royalists and Golden Dawn supporters? My dad Kostas could easily have a heart attack. I risked it and went. Half shame mine half shame the company that dragged me there. If I see it being dodgy I said I would make a run for it. The big man himself Mikis Theodorakis would go there, he must know something.

I reach the final stop on the Metro to then go with with the crowd. What do I see? Masses of people, old, young, children, couples, parents with their young ones all with a flag in their hands and a smile with a decisiveness which was felt in the air. In the train there suddenly everyone was talking with each other cracking jokes, swore at the politicians, they felt they were all UNITED in one body, one indignation. This started to confuse me. So many years in the movement, demos and all, such homogeneity in an unknown and multicoloured mass I hadn’t seen again. I stop at Evangelismos station. I light a cigarette and go out on the streets. I stand for a bit in awe of the crowds which is densely packed and I ask myself will I ever get to Sindagma with so many people?

I start slowly pushing and being pushed realising that the mass of people has achieved a stable and sure pace not one of a walk nor one of group of friends which is going to a square or a concert but the decisive mass which is walking quickly decisively and with rhythm. Smiles everywhere, flags which blind you, selfies from mobiles alight. Old people in wheelchairs, mothers, children, priests with their flock, workers, unemployed, loving couples, lonely people all with a smile and with pride… which spoke by itself, first time all together without organisation, without political party flags and party instructors, without theories and little thought.. but a lot of heart and a flag for company… all went to Sindagma, which was bubbling. Even till now I didn’t know why and what, with whom I went and for what, but I went there.

The smile, the hope, the friendlisness in the faces and the decisive steps started to make me feel strange ‘different’ …I must have been turning into a fascist and didn’t realise it.

Getting closer I started to feel the pulse of the people> After one hour of pushing I reached the heart of the rally infront of the Unknown Soldier in Sindagma Square.

I stood among the crowd next to our group and I raised my eyes and saw the crane with the massive flag to be moving slowly and surely covering the sky and almost the whole square.

Next to me were a group of 14 year old and 16 year old youths. The microphones played Macedonia you are bright and other such songs which I had a long time to hear from when I was in school. The slogans were slow but stable about Macedonia and they played !!! Somewhere there suddenly we heard from the loudspeakers that Mikis is going on the stage and somewhere there the Square as a whole started playing Justice Sun and the 16 year old girl singing next to me with her veins exploding from her voice and we all sang felling that this land has common soul, common pain and one heart, one country.

Inside me were the words of Ritsos : That’s what we want. As we don’t sing to be different my brother from the world. We sing to join the world.
Somewhere there during Mikis first words the megaphones stopped to be hear as the people spoke shouting a warning:

-Thieves, traitors, politicians
-We wont back down until we are justified
The banner of the Cretans wrote –Popular Rule – National Independence

The grandfather from the Albanian front next to me in a wheelchair and his oxygen bottle in his hands cried, a little further a granny had caught a conversation to a policeman which guarded Parliament and distracted from the events had lit a fag and had taken his helmet from his head and was bending over to listen to a granny who was explaining why she came from Ipiros and I was asking … my God so many fascists in this country!!!

The speakers sand ‘When they tighten their hands the sun is sure for the world’
The worst of all? We all spoke ther as if we were for years friends and many asked where the KKE was and the Left and the lefties? They didn’t understand the word dogmatism and ideology but they shouted it. Others swore and spat “then in Varkiza and now once in Sindagma” Fascists those who want to struggle for a Free country, my God what am I living?

I learnt today that from the 1.5m ‘fascists’ that a county without territorial independence, without a flag with sold out politicians is no longer a country, its not longer a peoples nor a Nation.

Continue to believe comrades that from the 1.5 to 2m people are fascistic as they dared to raise the Greek flag, that which was raised by Karaiskakis as raising it Mikis Theodorakis started to sing and demand National Independence and Popular Rule

Mikis had no need to shout for Macedonia as he knows well that Macedonia is non-negotiable and Greek. It is a necessity to scream to the rotten political system that the people are HERE and are RULERS and they will defend their country in every way possible.

Whilst this nation is in a rage, for those of you who sit on Facebook and call him a fascist judging from the SKAI tv images the 10 dressed soldiers of Megas Alexandros as a bunch of Easter clowns.

Is that how you are directing this nation and its peoples towards Golden Dawn?
Goodnight comrades.
Goodnight Left

The people decide and you are absent from history. Unjustified absences once more

Ilias Giannotis

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1993 The Balkans: Revolution or Counterrevolution? Part One

The Balkans
Revolution or Counterrevolution Part One
An Interview with Loukas Karliaftis

On April 6th 1993 a veteran Greek Trotskyist Loukas Karliaftis was interviewd about the current crisis in the Balkans. Loukas was personally involved in organising the Archeiomarxists in northern Greece in the 1930’s when the question of Macedonian independence was debated with Trotsky. With the possibility of a wider Balkan conflagaration, the issue is once again the subject of international attention. It should be of particular interest to Trotskyists around the world to read the views of a leading participant in the struggles against capitalism and Stalinism in the Balkans
VN Gelis

Following on from the Gulf war, imperialism has wider aims. It is attempting to impose Bushs ‘new World Order’ on the Balkans and the ex-USSR. The demagogic call for the liberation of Kuwait was a subsidiary issue – similar to the call for the liberation of the oppressed peoples that was made prior to the Second World War. I have already written an article linking the Gulf War (during which incidentally, I didn’t support the slogan ‘Victory to Iraq’ with the situation in the Balkans and the USSR.

The imperialists decided to enter the Gulf arena because of the collapse of the regimes in eastern Europe. They were encouraged by the fact that the demonstrations in the West against the intervention were not as strong as they might have been and were essentially pacifist. The slogan ‘Imperialism out of the Gulf’ wasn’t enough – it should have been ‘Defeat Imperialism’. Bush wouldn’t have embarked on a new military operation if the class struggle in the United States hadn’t been at such a low ebb.
Before they intervened in the Balkans, the imperialists attacked the USSR with a so-called coup so that Yeltsin could take power. It wasn’t a real coup – it was like the Reichstag fire. Of course, the Yeltsin/Gorbachev bureaucracy allied itself with the West in the Gulf war. From this it is clear that imperialism is intervening in the Balkans with the clear aim of smashing Serbia.

The perspective ont eh Balkans must be farsighted: the US will move into the region with the USSR as the final target. Their military adventures against the Serbians are part and parcel of the New World Order. Many people isolate the developments in the Gulf from those in the Balkans and therefore incapable of drawing the correct conclusions. My view is that imperialism intends to smash any remnants of Tito’s regime. Under Tito there were representatives from each republic on the ruling executive – the US always wanted to dissolve this.

The first move of the US was to support the Croatian representative on this ruling council so that he could take over the presidency of the Federation. This was successful. Then the significant issue of Slovenian and Croatian independence came to the fore. Just as before they had used the issue of the national liberation of Kuwait (and of the colonies in the Second World War) so the US used the national liberation of Croatia and Slovenia to break up Yugoslavia. The West supported democratic restorationist forces inside Croatia initially in their attack on the Serb population in Croatia and then on Serbia itself. Serbia resisted these pressures and this led to war.

Of course under the previous Yugoslavian regime (before Milosevic) the various national minorities were attacked. But the declarations of Slovenian and Croatian independence was done in the name of the counterrevolution and we would not support this.

The US sent an aircraft carrier to the Adriatic in the defence of Slovenian and Croatian independence and all the countries that intervened in the Gulf now entered this new conflict to attack Serbia. Even Greece has sent a little ship, just as it did in the Gulf war when the government of Mitsotakis grovelled 100% infront of the US. Its clear that Greece has entered the war against Serbia, not just the economic embargo but also the military preparations. Our slogan should be defeatist. In the Gulf War they were: ‘Down with the War – For the defeat of Greece’ now it is ‘Hands off Serbia – for the defeat of Greece’
We must emphasise that the leaders of the USSR and Serbia have become counterrevolutionary and bourgeoisified , the leaders that is not the people. There are remnants of the old the old workers states, but the aim of the NWO is to smash the workers movement internationally and in any independent manifestation it may take. The Stalinist bureaucracy has collapsed and degenerated its top layers becoming bourgeoisified. It contains as Trotsky said, ‘Reiss and Butenko’ factions from top to bottom. There are also differences between the political and military leaders. The lower ranks of the military wanted an even stiffer resistance to Croatia.

We still defend the remnants of the degenerated workers states, without giving anything to the new leaderships. We combine the call for political revolution with demands against the new bourgeois elements. We defend Serbia against US intervention without defending its leaders in the same way that we defended the Vietnamese against intervention. We are distinct from other groups in that we say ‘Hands of Serbia’ rather than ‘Imperialism out of the Balkans’ – because the other Balkan governments are with Imperialism.

There are differences over imperialism among the imperialist over who is going to take a cut out of Yugoslavia. Mitterrand sent in ships first, Germany has Slovenia, Croatia and the Bosnian Muslims in its pocket and aims to use them to crush Serbia; Italy and Austria entered the arena, sending tanks to the border with Slovenia and laying mines- they all want a piece of the cake. The Italians also aim to take over Albania and via Albania, Kosovo as well. Austria and Hungary take their places alongside Germany in seeking control of northern parts of Yugoslavia. Germany is growing in military strength through the unification process through the conquest of central Europe and through the conquest of central Europe and through its influence in the Ukraine (where of all the imperialist powers it has the most contacts). It is also getting nuclear weapons from Ukraine and and Kazakhstan. The new division and conflict within imperialism is between Germany and the US over who gets the most out of Yugoslavia. This gives rise to a perspective for a third world war. We cant predict when this will occur, but we have entered the period when the dangers of the third world war are becoming greater.

Due to the rhythms of development the ex USSR and Yugoslavia are in particular danger – the conflict between Germany and the US will play a major role in deciding the future course of events. Of course the decisive factor will be what course the proletariat takes and whether proletarian revolution can stop the descent into war.. If you really want to understand the Serbian issue, you can only do it from the international perspective. You mustn’t isolate Serbian developments from the world arena.

After Slovenia and Croatia passed over to the West, the issue for imperialism became Bosnia and the Yugoslav minorities – Skopje (Macedonia), Kosovo, etc. The issue of the self-determination is theoretically and practically posed for the minorities. According to Lenin, there are generally speaking, two types of secession and national self-determination movements. There are those led by bourgeois nationalists (today these are ex-stalinists and turned restorationists) and those with other kinds of leaders who if led by the proletariat can go towards socialism. Lenin said we must distinguish between the progressive national liberation movements of the period of the collapse of feudalism and the birth of capitalism when nation states were being created and those of the imperialist epoch where the issues are different. In the era of the decay and the decline of capitalism, it is not national liberation per se which is the issue, but social liberation – ie the permanent revolution.

When the October Revolutoin occurred the national movement in Russia entered a new phase. After the Revolution, the issue became the extension of the proletarian revolution, through which the national question will be solved. On the red flag of the workers, democratic demands are secondary to proletarian demands. The issue of socialist revolution is far higher than national self determination which is a democratic issue. Under capitalism in Russia, centralising forces were at work. This process was accelerated by the socialist revolution and led to the planned economy. After the revolution, we do not support demands to leave the planned economy and split and divide the post capitalist society, although we do support the rights of minorities if they are oppressed in any other way. This is the way Trotsky viewed the call for Ukrainian independence. For precisely this reason we cannot support the independence of the bourgeoisified Yugoslav republics which are directly in the pay of imperialism.

The dissolution of the Yugoslav Federation is a step back in history, not a step forward. The right of self-determination of nations, if its used to split up Yugoslavia is a reactionary right. For this reason our central slogan is for a United Socialist Balkans and for a United Socialist Planet. From the birth of communism the call for a Balkan Socialist Federation has been the centre of our programme.
Lenin called for self-determination up to and including secession for the minorities in the capitalist Balkans. Roza Luxemborg replied that there were countless nationalities why didn’t they all become one? Both Lenin and Luxemburg were correct but which one of them is more correct?

From 1902 Lenins position on the national question dominated the RSDLP. The leader of the Greek socialists at the time, Benarogias, put forward the view in the Second International that the national question in the Balkans would be solved under the Ottomans. This was accepted by Rakovsky and became the position of the 2nd International. During this period (ie prior to the First WW) there was bourgeois development taking place in the Balkan peninsula. This bourgeois development taking place in the Balkan peninsula. This bourgeois development which occurred under the separate Balkan states, proved Luxembourg wrong. It was possible for bourgeois states to develop – Lenin had been proven right.
After the Russian revolution, Luxembourg said it was a mistake to create a Federation rather than have a single entity. She also said that land shouldn’t have been distributed to the peasants, which was totally wrong. If land hadn’t been given to the peasants, the Bolsheviks wouldn’t have had any impact on them and therefore wouldn’t have been able to influence the minorities. Luxemburgs position was that nationalities should only have autonomy, not the ability to break things up. Under conditions in the Balkans now, the slogan for Self-determination has become 100% reactionary

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Mikis Theodorakis Macedonia Will Always Be Greek Speech Part Two

The so-called Zaev concessions, taking us for fools.
The famous concessions of Mr Zaev and others regarding the name is just drinking the Kool Aid. They are smartalecks which could only be directed to a nation of idiots and on their knees. For us it is a shame to still even be talking about this as the name of the airport and the highway is their own exclusive benefit to change it again immediately they achieve their aims. Truly does the Skopjian PM believe we are such idiots? Or so ready to drop our pants? I ask sorry for using this phrase. But it is the only one which can become understandable by all the foreigners and our own lot who believe that they have led us with all the economic measures to the last step of evil, that we have forgotten our history who we are our fundamental characteristics.

We will stand on our feet and not recognise them
Its not the first time that everyone around us believes that Greeks have been transformed into slaves but he is rising again. We are always a peacefule nation who wants peaceful and friendly coexistence with our neighbouring peoples. Parallely we must understand there is a deep state which conspires with other international forces against the independence of our country. For this reason we must not have illusions and take all the necessary measures which will guarantee the defence of our country. Here I must add that the situation of maintaining the status quo and peaceful coexistence should be considered the last concessions we do in confronting hard reality. But in essence we have nothing to lose.

Without Greece’s approval, Skopje will never become Macedonia.The fact that there are countries that recognise Skopje with the name Macedonia ignoring the fact that they become jokers with respect to history doesn’t really bother us as it is only our decision and our decision alone that can historically legalize and judge irrevocable this issue. As only us Greeks can give or not give the right to Skopje to own the future via the name Macedonia, an undisputed from any viewpoint, historical, cultural ownership of hellnism. To explain it more simply they require Greeces agreement so as to be thought of as real Macedonians and not fake ones, paper ones which they are today. As we are refusing to take our eyes out to be loved by America NATO and the EU, we can continue our lives as we did so many years. But that implies that we must refuse every other retreat. For whoever long the people of Skopje threaten us with their territorial propaganda claims, their unacceptable Constitution, the alleged Macedonian symbols and the Macedonies full of Alexander the Great, we as a responsible nation who are hereditary owners of a great history will continue the policy of peaceful coexistence but whatever we can do we will not give in any case our agreement for them to become members of the EU and NATO.

Only with a Referendum can we legalize any signature.
In this crucial moment infront of the possibility to be led even in situation of a national tragedy, I consider that responsibility of the decisions its not correct to give over whatever government. Not only a minority government as is todays but even a government that had popular backing. Not even Parliament itself. What is the solution? A Referendum. For us the position of the Greek people on the concrete issue is quite clear stable and self-explanatory which doesn’t require a Referendum. If a government ever considers placing a signature of our country to whatever name simple or double which will include the word Macedonia there is no doubt that it is obliged to ask the Greek people. We Greek citizens who do not seek to be passive observers at the time when our country is found confronting such crucial problems able to influence us for many decades. In this instance that the government dares to place a signature I make a call to all the MPs who have the right to call for a Referendum for such a national issue, to provoke the relative discussion in Parliament and to fully support this demand.

FYROMs Ambassadors wife in Athens standing in front of maps demanding half of northern Greece

Dear Friends Patriots,
In all my life I fought for the unity of the Greek people. I believe fully that this great issue we should confront united with one fist. I also believe we are united. As independent from all our disagreements we are all patriots. As when someong supports the rights of a country and its people this isn’t nationalism but patriotism. Greece today has more need than any other period before it the need for patrtiots. Greeks united are giving their reply from Syndagma sq. Macedonia is won and will always be Greek. Long live the Greek people.